Inside a domain, when you ping one IP or use nslookup, you always find it is hard if there is no DNS registry for the ips. Here is my way to export DHCP records to DNS.

1. Give all the workstations reserved IP from DHCP server.(By right click the DHCP record-> add to Reservasion. Or select multiple record then right click->add to Reservasion)

2. Export all reserved IP from  reserved by right click reservasions-> export list. Save the export as CSV.

3. Open the CSV use Excel. You will find there is no comma. To manuaplate the strings, use Replace function. Select all the columns,Replace "[" with nothing, replace all. Replace "]" with ",", replace all. Since in my case, my access points have a format like "xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx", I select the whole column then replace . with nothing. Otherwise when you create DNS records with this csv, you will get a nested folder for each "." you have.

4. The CSV is ready, create a batch with following content.

for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=, " %%i in (<dhcpRecord.csv>) do dnscmd %LOGONSERVER% /RecordAdd <DNSZoneName> %%j A %%i

 5. Restart your DNS manager, the DHCP records are there.

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