I was always trying to test something like this however a physicial testing enviroment means a lot of time and configuration, thank god Azure can be used for this. 

Lets start.

0. The domain structure will be 1 DC(LEIDC01), 1 Citrix Server(LEIXEN) and 1 Citrix OS Template, all 3 VMs are windows 2012 Data Center.

Regarding how to create domain on Azure go to my other article:

You care create them through portal.azure.com, make sure the 3 machines are in the same group. So they will be in same network.

After created domain and join the other two computer into domains, we can start our citrix part.

1. Install Xen7.6 download from your register email from Citrix, I downloaded the ISO on LEIXEN(use virtual machine to download it directly) and use Winrar to unzip to a local folder on LEIXEN. Share it on the domain. We will need it later. Or you can access it directly by \\LEIXEN\C$\XenApp_and_XenDesktop7_6 on the other servers.

2. Installation of XEN 7.6
Bascially choose everything as default. And the server type choose no management.

3. Run a full site deployment without AppV publisher.

4. Go to XENTEMP and run the installation of agent, after that run agent then restart the XENTEMP.

5. From the LEIXEN, run citrix studio, add machine catalog as windows server, add the XENTEMP to the catalog.
Citrix07Citrix08 Citrix09 Citrix10 Citrix11 Citrix12

6. Create a delivery group, choose user, choose all applications, done.
Citrix13 Citrix14 Citrix15 Citrix16 Citrix17 Citrix18 Citrix19 Citrix20

7. From LEIDC01, open http://leixen/Citrix/StoreWeb/ from Internet Explorer, it will download Citrix receiver, login as domain user,
Here are some test example. Basically you will have a very good understand what Citrix can do in term of a Enterprise Enviroment and more.
I.E. Put all the resource hungry applications on server and publish it to client so client only need thin box to access them and save their work on network storage, etc.
Citrix21 Citrix22 Citrix23 Citrix24 Citrix25


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