Exchange 2013

When try to login ECP, page says , 

":-( something went wrong

Sorry, can't get that information right now. Please try again later. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk."

I have played with IIS which I never should. Now there is no way to go back. I have  even tried install the latest CU the problem persist.


Here are my solutions . Using Exchange Powershell

Remove-EcpVirtualDirectory -Identity " <exchangeServer>\ecp (Default Web Site)" 
Remove-OWAVirtualDirectory -Identity " <exchangeServer>\OWA (Default Web Site)" 
Remove-EcpVirtualDirectory -Identity " <exchangeServer>\ecp (Exchange Back End)" 
Remove-OWAVirtualDirectory -Identity " <exchangeServer>\OWA (Exchange Back End)" 

New-OWAVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName "Default Web Site" -InternalUrl "https://<ExchangeServer>/OWA" 
New-EcpVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName "Default Web Site" -InternalUrl "https://<ExchangeServer>/ecp" 
New-OWAVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName "Exchange Back End" -InternalUrl "https://<ExchangeServer>/OWA" 
New-EcpVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName "Exchange Back End" -InternalUrl "https://<ExchangeServer>/ecp" 

Set-OWAVirtualDirectory -Identity "<exchangeServer>\OWA (Default Web Site)" -FormsAuthentication $False -BasicAuthentication $True

Set-OWAVirtualDirectory -Identity "<exchangeServer>\OWA (Default Web Site)" -FormsAuthentication $true -BasicAuthentication $True

Set-EcpVirtualDirectory -Identity "<exchangeServer>\Ecp (Default Web Site)" -FormsAuthentication $False -BasicAuthentication $True

Set-EcpVirtualDirectory -Identity "<exchangeServer>\Ecp (Default Web Site)" -FormsAuthentication $true -BasicAuthentication $True


I believe not all steps are required in my case, however since I am unsure what caused it why dont I just fix it completely. Also considering I just upgraded into CU9 it is a good chance to prevent things happening by create everything new on a newer version platform.

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