Yestarday I received 4 MACBOOK PRO  and need deploy WIndows 8.1 on them.Took me a day to find out how to do it for Windows 8.1 . Lucky I got experience on windows 7. NOt much difference.

For windows 7 please see my previous article from Menu.


Here are the procedures:

1. Prepare 2 USB disks, USB 1(WINPE)  is for light touch MDT boot disk, USB2(APPLE) for windows installation disk for MAC. Since on Apple side it is really strict to start Boot camp, we need this disk to start the boot camp also do the disk partition. Also you need windows 8.1 64bit installation ISO.


2. Copy the ISO to APple side of MAC. Also go to MAC website to downloand BOOTCAMP file before you started.


3.Once downloaded, unzip everything one by one inside the zip, even all the exes, so you can import them to your MDT server.After imported drivers, run deployment share update. So you can get the wim with correct driver added to the light touch wim. We will need this later. I would assume you have MDT task sequence and install image ready(other wise why boot camp :P)


4. Still on server side, slightly modify your task sequence, remove format and partition part, since I only got 4 I prefer to do it manually. Also change the install Operation System to Next Available Formatted Partition.


4. By Using windows 8.1 ADK Window Preinstall Enviroment create a bootable WINPE 5 boot disk. Replace the source\boot.wim with lighttouch.wim, rename lighttouch to boot.


5.On MAC side, copy the Winodws 8.1 ISO to desktop to MAC side. Plug in the other USB for MAC files for windows. Start BootCamp and create windows disk. In my case it will copy installation files then downloand boot camp, then fails with the connection, which is good. Just copy the unzipped files from Bootcamp to the root folder of the USB. Run the boot camp again, this time start installation bootcamp directly by uncheck the first 2 options.  I gave 128 G to windows side. Then the computer will restart and boot from USB APple. This is only need to be done once, next time we can directly install Boot Camp with the same USB.


6. After it booted, it will ask to install windows 8.1, I actually prefer to format the disk here other than switch to MDT since it is actually same. Since I only got 4 unit I will just do it mannually, otherwise you can create a disk partion script in MDT task sequence, here I select partition 4 and delete it then create parttion and format it.


7. Dont install windows 8.1 or stop it once it started copy files. Shut the computer down.plug in Ethernet USB and Boot with USB WINPE by hold "Option" key. Install windows 8.1 through MDT. .Once finished. Runl setup.exe under boot camp where we downloaded ealier(I put it a network location). it will install all drivers for you. SWEET!


P.S. Sometimes, if the deployment can not be done by interenet, you can apply the image directly using dism, however the boot may play up, this is what I did extra to finish the imaging.

Load the windows 8.1 installation disk and run command from repair->advanced.

  • attrib C:\Boot\BCD -h -r -s (removes hidden, read-only and system attributes from BCD folder)
  • ren C:\Boot\BCD BCD.old (renames BCD folder to BCD.old)
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd (retries the rebuild)


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