I am running into a problem the the new Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series (Module 3147) is not joing domain while the other laptops are fine with the same settings.


After many tests, I found the dongle I am using, DELL FM76N is getting some problems. 

For example, after re-image, the Dell Dongle is not picked up and there is no etherenet conneciton at all. You have to unplug then plug the dongle again to make the Ethernet work.

However the whole imaging are procedeeded. 


I have tried to extracted the drivers from Dell Dongle and inject it into the winpe wim, didnt help. Also there was stable connection whenever I use command line to test IP settings. werid.


I have contacted Dell and there is no offical support for SCCM and they havent run any test with it. I have to do it myself.


Here is a work around.

I am doing it by add the scripts to C Drive, then after the whole installation completion, add the wifi then add the computer to active directory through WIFI.

1. Make a folder with scripts, package it. 

Here is my scripts:


certutil -importpfx -p eduSTAR.NET "c:\scripts\<WifiCert.pfx>"
netsh wlan add profile filename="c:\scripts\<WIFICOnfig.xml>"
netsh wlan connect name= <WIFI Name>

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\wscript.exe c:\scripts\<JoinDomain.vbs>

del c:\scripts /q /f /s 
rmdir c:\scripts


JoinDomain.vbs can be found on internet, I am not the orignial author I choose not paste it, however you need to make sure the scripts are running with SysWOW64 support if it is 64bit Env.

2. Create Package from that folder, steps for Copy Folders during WINPE:

3. Add a task sequence to run the scripts after installation.


The only problem of this is if the computer name is already in the AD, it wont join, so I will add some powershell scripts to delete it after some tests.

Update 04/12/2014

I have a quick workaround for this to deal with the re-image of Dell Inspiron 3147 that is to create a re-image task sequence for known computers. Here is a screencapture which I believe you will understand how to achieve it.


I have tested it several times and it seems worked. 





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