Failed to make a copy of the source WIM file due to error 5

Update 06/05/14

Before Check anything, make sure you have Windows Enterprise as the server for SCCM 2012.

Also make sure the ADK 8.1 is installed from Internet. Sometimes, the file you downloaded get corrrupted so it is safer to install it from Microsoft Directly.



Check the logs of \\<server>\sms_<sitecode>\logs\SMSProv.log


Failed to copy \ to \\<server>\DS\Boot\{B37696A0-AA4E-4A6D-ADE6-5ABC57CC1A04}.wim. Error code = 5 SMS Provider 2/26/2014 2:04:24 PM 5100 (0x13EC)

Make a new share and make a new security make sure user has full access to it.

Copy the wim to it and add it again.

Works for me.

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