Scroll down to conclusion if you dont have patience like me

Have tried:
1. Reinstall MP
2. Reinstall DP
3. Add .exe exception to IIS
4. Add POST verb to IIS.

Check logs of IIS

find ipv6
disable ipv6
Change the boundary ip to IP ranges.

7. Had a look of IP address again, found the IIS isnt right. Fix IIS. Re-install.

8. Progress:
This time only one error.
<![LOG[Failed to get DP locations as the expected version from MP 'http://<ServerName>. Error 0x87d00215]LOG]!><time="08:42:10.528-660" date="02-25-2014" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="2" thread="6240" file="ccmsetup.cpp:11261">

9. FOllowing this:

Even I cant read it. I look at the picture and focus on Client Package. Then I realize it is greyed out. Now.
Fixed. THere are 2 things I have done. Not sure which one is the right one. However IF you do the both, I believe 0x87d00215 can be gone as well.
A.Created a update client package from defination. Under Software Library->Application Management->Packages.
B. Make sure boundary group has only 1 item, I got 2. 1 is active directory, the other is IP range. I deleted the AD group.



If the client pushing is not working. You need go to client and do a manual install.
at client computer, run \\<sccmServer>\\SMS_<SiteCode>\bin\i386\CCMsetup.msi.
then go to client\C:\windows\CCMsetup\logs and check its log.

GetDPLocations failed with error 0x80004005

Fix: make sure you can contact the site address within the log. To do this go to IE, then copy the adderss of http://... to it and see if it is working. You may need:
1. Add .exe exception to IIS
2. Add POST verb to IIS.
3. Also need check the binding of the site name.

For Error 0x87d00215
1.Make sure boundary group is simply and correclty configured. Just create an IP ranged boundary then re-install DP from roles.
2.Created a update client package from defination. Under Software Library->Application Management->Packages.

Hopefully it helps.

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