Migrating SharePoint 2010 to 2013 is very easy, however it is very time consuming.

This article will cover how to migrate it from 2010 to 2013, however once you migrated to 2013, do not upgrade your 2010 site to 2013 farm if you do not have a couple of weeks to start learning branding 2013 template. It is very different however for who are familiar with 2010, it is not that hard.

The idea is creating a new SharePoint 2013 server and restore the backed up 2010 web content SQL database to the new server. Then create the exactly same web applications and attach the database to it.  It`s very straight forward but you need download and install a  lot updates for Windows Server, SQL Server finally SharePoint 2013 server, the installation of updates for SharePoint can easily take you a day. And it is a must since there are many bugs been fixed by updates, I.E, The top navigation can only show 2 level links if you do not apply SharePoint update.

Update procedures:

1/ Download the instructioins from Microsoft:


2. Install windowsserver 2008 Ent sp1 with all the updates with name sharepoint2013.

3. Install Windows sql server 2008 Ent Sp2 with all the updates on sharepoint 2013.

4. Install sharepoint 2013 on new server. Follow the instructions, copy the settings from sharepoint2010. Do not create any collection.

Install all the updates for SharePoint 2013.

To trouble shoot updating errors, you can go to %userprofile%\appdata\local\temp\1 or 2 depends, however you can check with the date modified to find the right log fiel, file name is opatchinstall(1).log.

Install KB2767999:


The installation will take forever be patient, it may take 10 minutes for the application to show, do not doubt if the application is running, it is just slow. 

Install KB2817616:

download 3 files below, and extract them into same folder. It will take forever or maybe need couple of restart, be patient.



Installed four updates took a day. You must install all the updates before you run SharePoint 2013, or you will need to do it one day when you try to create your 2013 sites.

5. Regarding blocked file type. here :

6. Backup the sharepoint content database and search database on 2010 SharePoint , make sure the user you loged in have full access to database also file access permision on the back up

location. I.E. dont back up to C:\ root index.

Possible Errors:
error :15100 : 


7. Copy the files to sharepoint 2013.

8. Details:

9. create service application with powershell and update database with powershell.

10 . Couldnt login

It turns out 2 mistakes you can make:
A. When backup the database ticked "copy only".
B. When mount the database, didnot unmount the existing system generated one.


Perfermence issue:

too slow.

Turn off the distributed cache. It s in Manage service on server. It did the trick.

Performance improved amazingly.


SharePoint 2013 can host both 2010 and 2013 in different location. If you are not ready to spend a week to get familiar with 2013 customization, do not click upgrade to 2013 button.


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