This project is about VLAN configuration for VOIP installation, since the HP 5130 CLI is different from CISCO, I will list most useful commands.


VOIP explained:

Network has 3 VLANS, VLAN 1 - default network,  for normal network and VLAN 300 for VOIP phones. And VLAN 200 only for VOIP router.

A core switch (3) connect HP core switches(4) to the router (1).

DHCP/DNS servers(2) connect to core switch (3).

HP Core switches (4) directly connect to all the other HP switches (7) in different blocks.

Other switches c(9) onnect to HP switches (7) in different blocks.

VOIP phones(11)  need to connect to HP switches to work.

VOIP Server connect to VLAN 300 network to manage all the phones.

There is a seperate VOIP router (12) - VLAN 200 for VOIP phones, so all the VLAN 300 network eventually are directed out/in through VOIP router, even the VLAN 1 router failed, VOIP system will be still working.





VLAN 1 Networking:

All devices get DHCP from Switches from VLAN 1, then pass GateWay(Firewall) first to access VLAN 1 Router, then to the outside world.



All VOIP Phones get the DHCP settings from VLAN 1 DHCP server, then be redirect to VLAN 300 DHCP server on VOIP server, it connect to VLAN 300 Switches first then talke to VOIP Routers to talk to ouside world.




NETWORKS(Iluustration only):


Static IPs: - (Switches, Servers, ETC)

DHCP Settings : - (For all other devices)


VLAN300 : GATEWAY: (Core HP Switch) DNS/DHCP Server: (Where VOIP Directing MAP stored)

Routing through for non network

HP Swtich settings:

For each HP switch it has 2 VLANS and 2 static IPS on both network. All the HP Switches are connected to each other to save the configuration trouble.All the HP switches are using PORT 1-4 as TRUNK port and 10 dedicated VLAN 300 ports for VOIP phones (Depends) and hybrid for the rest.


To initialize HP Switches:

1 create vlan1

2 create vlan 300

2.a Assign IP Address to both VLans

3 Enable poe+ on all ports

4 Apply Trunk port to links ie fibre or copper (gui or cli)

5 Assign Ports to vlans

6 Enable web GUI

7 Test phone poe



To Assign a trunk port:

Interface interface-type interface-number
Port link-type trunk
Port trunk permit vlan 1 300


To enable POE(Power Over Ethernet) on port

1. Enable single port:

interface interface-type interface-number
poe enable


2. To Enable POE on all ports:

Poe-profile <ALLPOEON>
Poe enable
APP Poe-profile interface giga… 1/0/1 to giga… 1/0/48
apply poe-profile{ indexindex| name profile-name }
interface interface-range


3. To assign IP to VLAN

Vlan VlanID
ip-subnet-vlan[ ip-subnet-index]ip ip-address[ mask] 

4. To enable WEB Access

# Log in to the device via the console port and configure the IP address of VLAN 1 of the device.

VLAN1 is the default VLAN. 




<Sysname> system-view 
[Sysname] interface vlan-interface 1 
[Sysname-VLAN-interface1] ip address 
[Sysname-VLAN-interface1] quit
# Create a local user named admin, and set the password to admin for the user. Specify the telnet service
type for the local user, and set the command level to 3 for this user. 
[Sysname] local-user admin 
[Sysname-luser-admin] service-type telnet  http https ssh terminal
[Sysname-luser-admin] authorization-attribute  user-role network-admin
[Sysname-luser-admin] password simple admin
[HP]web https-authorization mode manual 
[HP]ip http enable
[HP]ip https enable



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